Storage Bag Organizer

£7.99 inc.Vat

 The organizer is made of a durable material, equipped with a large compartment, elastic mesh pockets on the lid and a handle for easy carrying.

 Velcro on the underside enables attachment to the upholstery, preventing it from shifting.



Organizer, a trunk bag for every driver …

 The bag is made of an upholstery material – non-woven fabric, edges are trimmed.

 A spacious bag in which you can hide essential car accessories

 At the top of the bag, there is a strong handle,  which you can easily carry the case.

 The trunk is closed with Velcro. It has Velcro at the bottom and back of the bag, which prevents the trunk from moving in the car.

 There are two pockets in the front, in which you can easily fit all the most necessary things, such as screwdrivers, gloves, vest.


Length: 47cm
Width: 17cm
Height: 30cm

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Weight 1 kg